Foundation Launch Initiative

at Saint Mary Parish Library

Scheduled date on September 24, 2019 at 1:30 PM

Saint Mary Parish Library initiative sponsorship request:

Parish Sponsorship Request

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In 1879 the Institute of Jamaica was established for the encouragement of literature, science and art. The West India Reference Library began as a small collection of Jamaican and West Indian books.

The mission of Library Services is to develop qualitatively the Library's universal collections, which document the history and further the creativity of the Jamaican people and which record and contribute to the advancement of civilization and knowledge throughout the world, and to acquire, organize, provide access to, maintain, secure, and preserve these collections.

.... to be a well-resourced organization responsive to the needs of communities, enriching lives and contributing to national development.

Jamaica Library Services Vision Statement

The National Library of Jamaica forms a comprehensive collection, rich in primary source materials covering all aspects of Caribbean life and society.

Saint Mary Parish Library Expansion Initiative

Proposed Groundbreaking Ceremony Summer 2020, exact date TBD

The purpose of a parish library system in our society. The parish library leadership believes that the purpose of a school library is: to provide a flexible space with a wide and inclusive range of resources to support learning and teaching throughout the community.

A library is a curated collection of sources of information and similar resources, design to educate, captivate and inspire a society by raising educational awareness and personal growth to cope with life challenges in becoming a global citizens .

Libraries bridging gaps throughout communities....educate today for a better tomorrow.

Mrs. Kereen Burton Source Title

Like most residents of the parish, I grew up down the street from the parish library, naturally a lot of my childhood there, whether hidden away in the stacks reading books, hanging with friends or just as an escape from chores....

Port Maria Primary School Auditorium Initiative

Proposed Groundbreaking Ceremony Summer 2022, exact date TBD

Residents of Port Maria and surrounding areas face serious challenges, including lack of educational opportunities necessary to compete with schools on a global scale. In addition, poverty is widespread, there is rarely gainful employment, and there is low educational attainment beyond high school.

Port Maria Primary School operates as one of the feeder schools for several high schools across Jamaica. The target area for this proposal is served by the Ministry of Education; however, external entities can offer significant contributions in aiding and jumpstarting the community through educational means via the foundation by providing those resources that are otherwise insufficient or unavailable for long term growth.

The wealth of a community can be reflected in its value on education.

Cawayne Barton Foundation working to build a comparable education system

The foundation is adapting a strategy based and proven proposals for educational endeavors that focuses on four respective areas. We will develop specific activities based on individual needs and create measurable metrics and tools to evaluate community success.

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