Cawayne Barton Foundation

established in Port Maria, Saint Mary

Vision Statement

A foundation empowered through lifelong learning and information sharing, in order to attain a competitive edge globally through education and training.

We have a moral obligation as global citizens to leave the world a better place than we found it!

Cawayne Barton Foundation Educational Enlightment and Empowerment

Mission Statement

Providing resources, leveraging technology, and information sharing through modern innovations to enhance the fundamental education system throughout Jamaica and other developing countries around the world. Thereby increasing the socio-economic status of underserved communities for a more conscious and productive society

Our promise to build a better global community and change the world one person at time!

Cawayne Barton Foundation Educational Enlightenment and Empowerment

Foundation Priorities and Focus Initiatives

The focus of the foundation is identifying the needs of underserved communities in both urban and rural areas and providing available resources at the fundamental level. The goal is directly aligned with the educational governance body, the corresponding Medium-Term Socio-Economic Framework, the National Education Sector Plan and the new thrust of the Government for fiscal management and accountability. The foundation is dedicated to providing quality education supporting initiatives, community development, and skills training through efficient and effective use of information technology, mentorship, and alternative focused learning on an individual or small group basis.

For too long we have made the decisions on what’s best for our children’s future and what they should do or the desired career paths to take. This is a flawed view and we should encourage young adults to think objectively by celebrating their voices and rights in the school system and in the classroom. Promote free speech and open thinking so long as it pertains to and benefits the class as a whole. When children are permitted to discuss the various aspects of their learning that’s relevant to them, they will be open to share more and participate in the overall learning process.

The quality of an education cannot solely be based on policymaker’s personal interests, ideology or prejudice, ignoring any evidence that doesn't fit the political bill; rather a concerted effort should be made to address the underlying principles affecting the education system. As advocates for education empowerment, we need to ensure there are deep and lasting improvements to our education system, which will be achieved only when policymakers are following objective analytical and statistical information about education in a way that exemplifies the educated mind at the various levels of the socio-economic leader.

Understanding local dynamics and diversity presents its share of community educational needs due to demographic, economic, cultural and social norms. The idea of identifying the needs of local communities and working closely to ensure the curriculum is responsive to their local needs and future opportunities should be a primary focus.

Even with government initiatives and charity-based enhancement, poverty and social disadvantage have shown significant and negative impact on a child's educational progress and attainment. .

Cawayne Barton Foundation Jamaica Ministry of Education and its Vision 2030

The emphasis is on getting children familiar with the technology to use the equipment, and use the software for related tasks.

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