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Enhance Educational Enrichment and Empowerment Initiatives

Educational Enhancements

Education enhancement is the ability of students to perform at the elementary level and beyond. The transition from primary school to high school represents a significant event in the lives of adolescents. Learn More

Transformational Leaders

There is strong evidence that teachers play a crucial role in a student's ability to learn and they have the ability to influence the school's efforts to raise standards of teaching, learning and enhancing curriculum. Learn More

Technological Advances

We are living in the era of pervasive technology, which will have substantial implications on education. Technological innovation, a hallmark of academic research, is changing the way that students learn. Learn More


Bridging the Educational Gap in Underserved Communities

Cawayne (Parry) Barton Life & Legacy...

Cawayne started school at the early age of 2 years old, when he attended school with his mother who was teaching at the Port Maria Evangelistic Centre Basic School, until the age of 5 when he matriculated to Port Maria Primary school.

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A Foundation is Born!

The premise of this foundation is to serve future generations and enhance their lifestyles through community outreach programs. Turning the tragedy of a grieving mother and father into something positive and offering another child a promising future. Our goal is to inspire underserved communities by fostering educational opportunities and offering and rewarding educational incentives by acknowledging the hard work of students, teachers and parents through awards, grants, and scholarships.

Legacy Through Literacy

By integrating the use of technology in learning, we're putting our students and our community at the forefront of the 21st century in order to enhance their learning experience. Using literacy that combines traditional and teacher-to-student lessons with technology-based instruction.


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Awards and Recognitions

Incentive and Awards of Achievers by Age Group

Age Group 21 and Over

Exemplary Educational Achievement

Age Group 15 - 20

Exemplary Educational Achievement

Age Group 12 - 14

Exemplary Educational Achievement

Age Group 9 - 11

Exemplary Educational Achievement

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Exemplary Educational Achievement

Age Group 5 and Under

Exemplary Educational Achievement


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Any initiative established to empower a community through lifelong learning and information sharing can only be realized through a collection and collaboration of stakeholders equally vested in a strategic vision of education and training.

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